About The Author


The author, Gayle Hernandez, is an early childhood educator who teaches in British Columbia, Canada.  She began her teaching career in 1993 and has been passionate about creating inclusive, play based classrooms for as long as she can remember.  She is a collaborative and passionate educational leader, who has been an active participator in and presenter of professional development in her district and beyond.  Building community has been at the forefront of her practice since day one.

Gayle’s education includes a:

  • Masters degree in Early Childhood Education (UBC)
  • Professional BC teaching certificate (SFU)
  • Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Psychology and minor in English (SFU)

Gayle’s experience is vast.  She:

  • Has been a guest speaker on The Inclusive Class’ radio show; where she spoke passionately about special (aka ‘extra’) needs education in British Columbia
  • Spent her entire career working closely with parents to support them in coming to understand the school system and how to support their children at home
  • Presented workshops for parents and teachers
  • Co-authored a workshop on play for the British Columbia Teacher’s Federation
  • Has been published by websites such as NICHY, The Inclusive Class and Special Education Advisor
  • Has stories published in Bev Ogilvie’s book “ConnectZone.Org”
  • Founded, coordinated and facilitated Burnaby’s Kindergarten Network for 10 years
  • Co-developed Burnaby’s district resource package to support the Ministry “Ready, Set, Learn” initiative
  • Co-trained Burnaby Kindergarten teachers in implementing the EDI (Early Development Instrument)
  • Participated in Burnaby’s District Report Card Committee  that interpreted the Ministry order, aided in collecting teacher responses to the order, and provided feedback while the development of Burnaby’s Kindergarten report card  format took place
  • Regularly mentors new Kindergarten teachers in the district and student teachers

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